Research and Innovation

We transform the way in which risk research has been done. For this, we exploit expertise in Actuarial Science, Business, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Law, Mathematics, Psychology, and Statistics, among others, to enhance our understanding/innovate the process of identifying, assessing, modelling, mitigating, monitoring, and governing risk.

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We commit to forging paradigm-shift research and, not less importantly, to translating it into better products and services, public policy, thus improving people’s wellbeing throughout their lives. For this, we partner with a wide variety of stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.

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Learn with RISC

We pledge to innovative, high-quality teaching and learning academic programs with the support of technology and experiential education to address the knowledge and skill gap in the Risk Management and Insurance labor market.


We always look for talent! Whether you are a theory-inclined mind looking for the rapture of discovery or a pragmatic practitioner, there is something fascinating for you at RISC.