Why Collaborate with RISC?

We have the drive, capacity, and proven record of success in creating value when collaborating with a broad variety of stakeholders, be these in Academia, Industry, Governments or NGOs.

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Academic Collaborations

RISC is a research tank, where leading academic minds make discoveries around the notion of risk in its broadest interpretation. With RISC Scholars whose research expertise spans natural, social, and formal sciences, as well as engineering, business and law, we possess an unprecedented concentration of breadth and depth of knowledge in risk studies. Furthermore, since the network of RISC Scholars covers all of Africa, Australia, Eurasia, North and South America, we are a truly unique international group of thinkers with the aptitude to solve the most pressing problems of humanity, many of which are a part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals agenda.


R&D activities within RISC are in close and true collaboration with our numerous for-profit and non-for-profit partners and propel the Risk Management and Insurance professional community - as well as the global Economy - forward. RISC's vision, that a genuinely transformational research must be motivated by real-world challenges, together with the dedication of RISC Scholars to conducting such research, have earned us recognition, trust, and friendship of a broad group of leading players in insurance, risk management, and, more generally, in financial services.


From consulting on the soundness of policy and regulation to pioneering new - and transforming existing - professional designations and standards, RISC contributes to the creation of a safer financial ecosystem in Canada and globally for the benefit of everyone.

Who We Collaborate With

We are professional, dedicated, and act in the best interest of our partners.  Our collaborators all agree that partnering with RISC on the one hand side revealed a whole new world of opportunities that only Academia can offer, and on the other hand side kept the importance of the value-added in the centre.

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RISC Experiences

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Mihaela Kapra

AVP, Digital Innovation in Risk Management, Sun Life FInancial

"We have been enjoying the collaboration with this group for more than six years now, and it is really fulfilling, and sometimes surprising, to see how well they understand the needs of a large insurer."

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Zachary Fritze

CEO, Cultovo

"We have come to appreciate the RISC’s proactivity, openness and understanding. They supported our venture to build meaningful climate insurance for developing regions, using the most sensible approach necessary. We hope to continue our work together and make an impact."

photo of person who is recounting their experiences

Didier Serre Ruah

Head of Climate Risk Modelling and Research at Clearsum

"I really enjoyed working with the team. I've had a very positive experience with the students and I was lucky to have had three students thirsty for new knowledge!"

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Ron Davis

Executive Vice President, Zurich Insurance

"I applaud RISC for establishing the Diploma in Risk and Insurance Management, which will contribute towards attracting and educating bright, young, diverse, creative, team-oriented, technologically savvy, social-good-minded, and entrepreneurial people who want to play a part in taking us into the future."

Let's Collaborate

Whether you are a for-profit player in Financial Services, a government agency, a professional organization, or an educational institution, if the word risk causes your heart to skip a beat, we would love to hear from you! If, in addition, you want to make an impact as to how risk and insurance are researched and perceived, then we would love to partner with you!