RISC Industry Coloquium
4:00 - 5:00 PM
Kaneff Tower 519, York University and Zoom

RISC Industry Colloquium – Transitioning to Sustainable Energy in a socially conscious world

By Andrew Baillie, Risk Manager at The AES Corporation

We are delighted to have Andrew Baillie as the speaker at the RISC Industry Colloquium talk on February 15!

Andrew Baillie is a Risk Manager for The AES Corporation, a fortune 500 Company, based in Arlington VA, focused on providing electrical energy to customers across 15 countries, utilizing many forms of power generation, and currently undergoing a major transition to renewable power sources, replacing more conventional thermal assets.

Andrew will talk about the pressures that exist for power companies and other industries to make this transition and the inbuilt challenges that need to be overcome to meet the environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets associated with being committed to this journey within North America and overseas. He will also comment on how our current technology still needs to be evolving to meet medium term state and federal targets in these areas, such as the introduction of electric vehicles, the use of battery storage systems and localized power grids, some of which could be seen to be contradictory when considering total lifecycle issues and current power grid capacity.