HAIIvVE 2 meet and greet marks the beginning of a new journey

Funded in part by the Government of Canada's Innovative Work-Integrated Learning program and CEWIL/ECAIT Canada's iHub, RISC's Hybrid Academia Industry Internship via Virtual Engagement Program brings Risk Management and Insurance work expirience to York Campus.


A group of twenty-four bright and energetic York students majoring in Actuarial Science, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Business, and Computer Science, among other disciplines, is about to start a fascinating HAIIvVE journey toward fulfilling careers in Risk Management and Insurance (RMI).

HAIIvVE, which stands for Hybrid Academia Industry Internship via Virtual Engagement, is a real and paid work experience in RMI from the comfort of York's campus. The program is an incubator that fuses industry and academia collaboration, research and applications, and practical experiential teaching and learning, all to help jump-start lucrative careers in RMI for qualified York students. Underwriting risk and the risk of mortgage default, employee retention risk and the risk of AI modeling, foreign activity prediction and the assessment of the future market demographics are some of the challenges that HAIIvVE 2 interns will be facing during the next four months of their internship.